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Case Study: TK NOVA - Execution of a rebranding for a legacy construction company.

Case Study: TK NOVA - Execution of a rebranding for a legacy construction company.

Case Study: TK NOVA - Execution of a rebranding for a legacy construction company.

May 20, 2024

Execution of a rebranding for a legacy construction company.

Following our success story with Park Medykow, Grupa TK, the developer behind Park Medykow, brought us onboard to lead the rebranding and repositioning of Grupa TK. This legacy real estate developer and construction company, in business since 1989, needed a modern transformation. One of the goals of the rebranding was to transition TK NOVA from a family-owned legacy construction company to a corporation spanning both construction and real estate development. Our task was to create a new website in line with the rebranding, develop new brand materials, and establish a social media presence, essentially bringing Grupa TK into the 21st century as TK NOVA.

Identified Issues

When Grupa TK contacted us, several critical issues needed to be addressed:

  • Lack of website

  • Lack of social media presence

  • Lack of brand materials

Solutions Implemented

Website Development

Our goal with the creation of the TK NOVA website was to effectively showcase the following:

  • Company Size and History: Highlighting the company's history, present achievements, and future goals/vision.

  • Completed Developments: Showcasing 50 completed real estate developments across various sectors, including hotels, commercial properties, and residential properties.

  • Consistency with Rebranding Goals: Ensuring that the website aligned with the goal of rebranding TK NOVA into a modern era, emphasizing the expansion from a construction company to a real estate developer.


Rebranding a legacy company like Grupa TK required a fresh and modern approach. We were in charge of the complete TK NOVA rebranding, rolling out the rebranding across both digital and physical realms. Our responsibilities included:

  • Creation of Branding Materials: Designing a new look for a fleet of over 60 cars.

  • Updating Construction Site Materials: Changing all brand materials used on construction sites, including banners, helmets, construction outfits, crane branding, and more.

  • Office Branding: Creating all brand elements for the TK NOVA headquarters, including banners and office supplies.

  • Event Implementation: Implementing the brand across physical events.

  • Legal Workaround for Advertising: Developing a legal workaround for the ban on physical advertising using banners in Krakow by implementing visually appealing banners on TK NOVA construction sites across the city.

Social Media Presence

Establishing a robust social media presence was crucial for TK NOVA to engage with a broader audience. Our social media strategy included:

  • Platform Selection: Identifying and setting up profiles on the most relevant social media platforms.

  • Content Creation: Developing engaging content that reflects the new brand identity.

  • Engagement Strategy: Implementing strategies to increase follower engagement and grow the social media audience.

  • Advertising Campaigns: Running targeted advertising campaigns to boost visibility and reach.


Our collaboration with TK NOVA successfully addressed the initial challenges and set the company on a path to modern growth. Key outcomes included:

  • New Website: A professional and user-friendly website that effectively showcases TK NOVA's offerings, history, and future vision.

  • Rebranding Success: A modern and cohesive brand identity that aligns with the company's vision and goals.

  • Social Media Presence: Established and growing social media profiles that engage with a wider audience.