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Case Study: Park Medykow - Introduction: Marketing of a Housing Real Estate Development

Case Study: Park Medykow - Introduction: Marketing of a Housing Real Estate Development

Case Study: Park Medykow - Introduction: Marketing of a Housing Real Estate Development

April 8, 2024
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Marketing of a Housing Real Estate Development

Park Medykow, a 100-lot housing development located in the Ligota district of Katowice, Poland, approached S3 Real Estate prior to the commencement of their marketing campaign. At the time, Park Medykow had no established social presence, lacked any marketing strategy, and had not yet acquired any buyers.

Following our collaboration, S3 Real Estate quickly became the growth partner for Park Medykow. We not only supported the real estate development but also assisted the developer behind the investment, effectively becoming their internal marketing department. We provided comprehensive services including marketing, branding, website development, and more.

Identified Issues

When Park Medykow contacted us, several issues needed to be addressed to ensure the development's success:

  • No website

  • Undefined positioning

  • No marketing strategy in place

  • Lack of branding

Solutions Implemented

Website Build

We created a professional and user-friendly website for Park Medykow to establish an online presence and serve as a hub for potential buyers. Key considerations for the website included:

  • User-Friendly UI/UX: The website needed to be easy to navigate, especially for older audiences.

  • Visual Appeal: The design had to be visually captivating to attract potential buyers.

  • Showcasing USPs: The website had to clearly highlight the unique selling propositions and align with Park Medykow’s positioning.

  • Optimized Buyer Journey: The site was designed to streamline the buyer’s journey from start to finish, ensuring a smooth experience.

  • Legal Compliance: All aspects of the website were aligned with legal requirements to ensure full compliance.


Based on our market research, we identified a gap in the market for a real estate development targeting medical professionals. We established unique selling propositions (USPs) to position Park Medykow effectively:

Buyer Persona 1:
  • Demographics: Medical professionals aged 28-40 with a family.

  • Lifestyle: First-time home buyers living a healthy lifestyle and environmentally aware.

  • Location: Silesia, Poland / South of Poland.

Buyer Persona 2:
  • Demographics: Real estate investors.

  • Purpose: Looking to purchase housing properties to accommodate students in nearby medical schools.

  • Location: South of Poland.

Unique Selling Propositions:

  • Environmentally friendly/green development

  • Tailored for medical professionals

  • Ideal for young families


Using the existing logo created by Park Medykow, we developed clear brand guidelines to maintain consistency across all communications. We designed various brand elements, including billboards, gate banners, pens, brochures, and more.

Marketing Strategy

Our goal was to create a pervasive brand presence, establish a strong brand image, and achieve the highest return on investment (ROI) by selling out the 100-lot development. We implemented the following strategies:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Paid Ads (Google & Facebook)

  • Sponsoring & Creating Events

  • Physical Advertising

  • Paid Ads on Housing Websites (Otodom, etc.)


With a total ad spend of only $20,000, we successfully sold out the entire development of 100 lots. All sales were directly or indirectly attributed to our comprehensive marketing efforts.

  • We sold out 100 housing lots, with prices ranging from $90,000 to $300,000, for a total marketing spend of $20,000. This averages to $200 per successful sale.

  • We created a community of homeowners primarily comprised of medical professionals. This is a significant advantage for the new homeowners, as they can reside in a community of like-minded individuals.

  • We also created a unique and well-known brand from scratch, establishing Park Medykow as one of the most eco-friendly housing real estate developments in the south of Poland.


"We appreciate S.3 Real Estate for their creativity, commitment, and timeliness. Their technological expertise and modern approach increased interest in our properties, which improved real sales results."